What You Need to Know About Product Liability Laws

Product Liability LawsIf you were injured after using a defective product, you may be entitled to damages. Companies are liable for injuries that result from defective products, especially if the company knew the product was dangerous before selling it. If you need a product liability attorney in McKinney, contact Joe Knows Law.

What is Product Liability Law?
Product liability law is the area of law that determines whether a company is liable for injuries related to the products it sells. In many cases, companies are considered liable for these injuries because their products were clearly dangerous and they didn’t take adequate precautions to minimize the risk to consumers. For example, if a child chokes on a toy and the parents later find out that the company knew the toy presented a choking hazard, the company may be liable for the child’s injuries. This is especially true if the company did not recall the toy or otherwise try to warn consumers about its dangers.

Liability vs Negligence
Product liability laws in Texas make a distinction between liability and negligence. Negligence refers to the company having caused the injury by failing to take reasonable precautions, while liability simply means the company is responsible for injuries. Companies may still be liable even if they are not negligent. For example, if the toy company above issued a recall but a child still choked on the toy, the company may be liable for the child’s injuries even though it is not negligent. A company that failed to recall the toy might be negligent.

What to Do
If you have questions about personal injury insurance claims and lawsuits or you believe that a company is liable for your product-related injuries, you need to contact an attorney. Joe Knows Law can help you determine whether your product liability claim has merit. Call us at (972) 562-9700 for a consultation.