Wrongful Death Lawsuit – An Attorney’s Perspective

Who Handles an Auto Accident Case If the Driver Dies in the Crash?Whenever someone dies due to the negligence of another party, that person’s spouse, children or parents may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit against those who were responsible for the tragedy. If you have lost a loved one, it’s very important that you know your rights and make sure those who caused your sorrow are forced to face accountability.

What is a Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed when someone is killed due to another party’s negligence or reckless behavior. While a murder is a crime, a wrongful death is something completely different from a legal perspective. There are certain instances where someone who is found “not guilty” of murder could face a civil wrongful death lawsuit, but the focus here is on cases where a death occurs due to some sort of negligence.

It could, for example, be the driver of a car who is distracted and causes a fatal accident, or a person who dies after taking a defective drug or using a product that was negligently manufactured.

In Texas, there are only certain people who can file this type of suit on behalf of a lost loved one. Only the spouse, parents or children of the deceased can take legal action.

Get Help if You are Considering a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

It is extremely important that you hire an experienced attorney if you have tragically lost a loved one and you are thinking of filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Attorney Joe Luce has a great deal of experience in this area of the law, and will fight passionately on your behalf to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. If you would like more information or you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us online or give us a call at (972) 562-9700.